Why Marrying Your Best Friend Is The Best Thing

Why Should You Marry Your Best Friend

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We always look out for our best friend in our partner in a relationship but often find that feeling to be missing out. And it is rightly said that relationships usually last longer and happier if we are more of best friends than just dating couples. So how about marrying your best friend with whom you always have the best time and is always there with your whenever you need them. Here are some of the reasons why you should marry your best friend rather than looking for someone totally stranger. [Also Read: Why it is absolutely amazing to date your best friend]

    1. You Know Everything About Each Other: You know each other for a long time and have known almost everything about each other be it their happiest times or their darkest secrets. You know what makes them happy and what annoys them.
    2. No Need Of Breaking The Ice: You can save a lot of weird time of initial relationship in breaking the ice and avoid those awkward silences. You always have topics to talk and discuss and never fell bored of each other’s company.
    3. No Need To Impress: You have seen each other in best of the times even in worst days. You need not dress up best to impress. You look as pretty in those loose Pajamas and Tees as in a Designer dress to them.
    4. Your Friends and Family Know About Them: You both are always found together. Also, you are already a part of each other’s friend circle. Even your families know about them and probably like it. There is no worry about the way to introduce your partner to your friends and family and it doesn’t come to them as a shocking surprise. [Also Read: How to stop yourself from falling for the wrong person]
    5. Your Secret Is Safe: Your best friend already knows your biggest secret, which you haven’t shared with anyone else. And you know it is safe with them. You can easily trust them and are not scared to open up.
    6. Your Fights Don’t Last Long: You know each other very well and more than anyone else. You know what annoys your partner and what pleases them. That’s why your fights don’t last long and your friendship becomes even stronger after each fight.
    7. Your Best Advisor: Your best friend knows a lot about you and always guides you in the best possible manner. Your discussions and even arguments always result in the best solution. You manage to be on the same page on any topic.
    8. History Never Haunts: You have been together for a long time. You also know each other’s past well including the past relationships. There is rarely any instance of a surprise past relationship that can cause a rift between you two [Also Read: How To Know That Your Partner is Double Dating You]
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