Why it is absolutely amazing to date your best friend

Why is it amazing to date your bestfriend

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Nobody knows you better than your best friend. He or she knows your worst fears, biggest dreams and all the little quirks about you. You can be completely honest without trying too hard. In the same way, your best friend is also really in sync with you. You two are inseparable and most of your friends treat you two like a couple only. So, what can go wrong when you decide to date your best friend. You can skip all the first date awkwardness, forced small talks and ‘thinking’ too much about things. You can simply dive into the comfort zone that you have with your best friend. (Also read: Why should you never date your bestfriend)

No awkward phases
You and your best friend have always been together to jabber about life and people. When you two are together there is no space for awkward silences. You don’t have to waste your time to form a bond, you already have one.

You know each other
You have a whole different level of understanding with your best friend. He or she knows you inside out. From your favourite colour to your least favourite drink. So, you can simply skip the getting to know each other routine and just chill out. (Also read: What Are The Mistakes That Put You In The Friendzone)

Don’t need to worry about losing friends
When you are best friends with someone for way too long your whole social circle sees you two as a part of a team. As a result, even when you step in a relationship you won’t lose friends. As everyone is used to having the two of you together.

Less drama, more love
Best friends know what is the other one’s rough spots. They know what makes you smile or what hurts you. So, you can feel assured that they can take care of your feelings in a wonderful way.

The family
You know you best friend’s family like your own. They too know you really well. So, you can completely skip the awkward family meetings. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is your best friend)

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