Why doesn’t the teenage love or school romance last for long

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Why doesn't the teenage love or school romance last for long

Teenage is a wonderful time. It is full of bubbling laughter, smiles, friendship, secret crushes and obviously teenage love. Being in love when you are a teenager is certainly different from being in love as an adult. The beautiful emotions are pure and simply based on love. The love is not tainted by lust and manipulation. However, in long run the bubble of teenage love bursts and when the adulthood arrives, it gets harder and harder to maintain your teenage romance. Eventually, you discover a new world and your teenage infatuation fails to keep up with it. So, why doesn’t the teenage love last? (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is lying to you)

Clash of opinions
Teenage is the time of growing up. Certainly, everyone develops their own thinking. This leads to the clash of opinions with your partner. Teenagers are most stubborn with their thinking, therefore it leads to fight and eventually the relationship fails.

Teenage is the time for a change. It is not just about physical change but also mental. Soon, you get to know more about yourself and then you simply want to explore more. The teenage love often fails to keep up with the changes and sinks with time. (Also read: What are the signs that you are forcing yourself to love someone)

Change in priorities
When the teenage love begins, it is full of promises of love and happiness. However, with time the priorities move towards setting a career, studying well etc. So, the promises turn into hollow words only.

Lack of maturity
Every relationship, be it teenage love or adult love faces complication and difficulties. However, when you are mature you know how to handle these issues but teenagers lack this maturity. So, eventually, instead of resolving the issue they call the relationship off.

Focus on studies
Everyone knows that teenage is the time to commit yourself to your studies. Thus, the teenage love becomes a distraction. Which is why many teenagers turn their back on their relationship and focus on studies only.

Friends and family
Teenage minds are influenced a lot by their family and friends. Often parents disapprove teenage love as it turns into a distraction. Teenage romance sometimes gets in the way of friendship as well. (Also read: What is the power of an apology in a relationship)

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