Why does your girlfriend like to steal your shirt

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Why does your girlfriend like to steal your shirt

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In a relationship, there are many cute and adorable moments that make the relationship more special. Especially girls like to create these moments to pull their men towards their love. One of the most common things a girl does in a relationship is stealing her boyfriend’s shirt. It is something all girls can relate to. Even though for guys might it confusing as to why would their girlfriends steal their shirt, there are plenty of reasons for the same. In a relationship little bit of friendly banter and silliness keeps the relationship fun and spontaneous. Stealing the boyfriend’s shirt is also a part of it. Let’s find out the reasons for it. (Also read: How to add more “we time” with your partner to improve the relationship)

She feels close to you
When your girlfriend misses you, she wants to be with you anyhow. So, keeping your shirt close to her or wearing it, helps her to feel closer to you. It makes the connection between you two special and more intimate.

When she steals your shirt, she is a stealing a part of you that contains your fragrance. So, when she wear your shirt, she is simply happy to have your fragrance around her. (Also read: How to stop caring for the person you were in love with)

She thinks about you when she sees it
When she is checking her wardrobe and she stumbles upon your shirt, then she instantly thinks of you. It is a great way to keep the memories and passion alive in a relationship.

Boyfriend’s shirt make up for a new attire
The best part about stealing your shirt is that your girlfriend can turn it into a brand new outfit. Most girls make the simple shirt into a fashion statement.

To flaunt in front of her friends
Every girl likes to flaunt her relationship and the sweet moments spent with the partners. So, when she has your shirt it gives her the perfect chance to show it off in front of her friends. (Also read: How to make a relationship work you both are super busy)

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