Why do you crave for sad songs right after the breakup

Why do you crave for sad songs right after the breakup

The end of a relationship is always heartbreaking. The tons of memories, hopes and dreams are shattered with just one stroke. It leaves a pain in the world of pain and misery. Everyone has a different way of coping with pain after the breakup. Some people prefer isolation, while others prefer the company of friends. However, there is one common comping with breakup response that is applicable for all that is listening to sad songs. Everyone with a broken heart is guilty of indulging in this ritual of listening to grim songs and music over and over. It gives the person an odd sense of peace and helps to deal with grief in a better way. However, the question remains as to why people do it.

You feel less alone
When you listen to sad or grim songs after the breakup, it helps you to understand that you are not alone in this. These songs make people connect to other over the heartache and pain. It is a comforting thought that you are not alone in this.

They give words to your feelings
It is the toughest thing to describe your feeling after a breakup. You are filled with so many emotions and feelings that you can’t even find words to describe them. As a result, every person resorts to sad songs to give voice to their feelings.

It provides a release for your emotion
It quite common that the person suffering from a heartbreak to start singing along the song. When you do so you give your self an emotional boost. Instead of ignoring your pain you start facing it and accepting it.

You feel better when you accept your pain in form a sad song
After multiple rounds of sad songs and crying out you start feeling better as you are now comfortable with the heartache. You feel the acceptance in form of sad songs.

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