Why do women take a step back when you try to get closer to them

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Why do women take a step back when you try to get closer to them

The pulling back and taking a step backwards are the most annoying things that usually all of us tend to do. It’s not just about women, it’s about people in general. Many people start to distance themselves from the one they are dating, just because they are not sure about it. If your partner also starts to distance himself/herself while you are dating casually, then it’s not much of your fault. They are deep thinkers and might be over analysing the situation. Sometimes, when things are going extremely well and all of a sudden your girl starts pulling back herself, you feel little annoyed and struggle to find the appropriate reasons. Well, it’s human nature! (Also read: How to take a break for a while when you are in a relationship)

Why do women take a step back when you try to get closer to them?

It’s too early for them: It might be all happening in a rush. She must be wanting some time for herself. Besides this, she might not be expecting what you have been treating her like. It’s all happening in a sudden rush and she is unable to decide what she wants.

She must be afraid: We all fears heart breaks and crying over the gone love. Maybe she had been through that phase of life and now wants no cribbing in life. She might want to spend her life being single and happy. Dating doesn’t mean you both will end up being in a relationship. She might just want a friendship as she can’t have another heartbreak again. (Also read: What are the ways to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend)

She might not feel same for you: You might be signalling your love to her, but she might not be having that same feeling for you. The only option she is left with is to ignore you. She wants to distance herself to avoid the cliche situation that follows in one-sided love.

She might actually like you: Sometimes we silently feel for someone but fear in confessing it. We feel the heartbreak that might happen in future. If things are going well without any confession then why to complicate things might be their funda of life. She might be just trying to avoid complications.

You might not be giving her space: Sometimes you don’t realise and you become too clingy to her. You don’t allow her to enjoy her own personal time. It’s good to be in touch but being clingy everytime becomes quite annoying. So, she might be thinking of avoiding you.

She must be feeling for someone else: Besides this, you are not the one for her. She might be feeling for someone else and this situation might be making it awkward for her. It’s okay for her to not feel the same for you, but you have to understand that. Don’t be too clingy to her that she tries to end every connection with you. (Also read: Why is eye contact essential in a relationship)

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