Why do women find bearded men more suitable for long term relationship

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Why do women find bearded men more suitable for long term relationship

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So, all you men out there here is the time when we should give you a reality check. Yes, women adore men with beard. It gives them a sense of maturity and sex appeal of course. Women go gaga over men who groom their beard well and have an appealing look. To all those guys, who have an innocent face with no shave, we are really sorry! Women don’t like cleanly shaved guys for any long-term relationship. They don’t reflect stability or maturity. A well-groomed and attractive mane is what women are looking these days. According to the study of Queensland, there have been many pointers that highlight, women’s attraction towards men with beard.

If you think keeping beard makes you unhygienic, then sorry you are going to get nowhere. With the change in trend, women have also changed their preferences accordingly. (Also read: How to seduce your partner in the right manner)

Why do women find bearded men more suitable for a long-term relationship?

Gives them a sense of maturity: A wise woman looks for maturity in a relationship. If you have an adorable bearded face, you won’t have to do much efforts to woo her. She will automatically acknowledge you. According to the studies, men with beard are considered more mature and witty at the same time.

Beard makes men more attractive: Men look extremely charming and sensual with the beard on their face. A study reveals women find sexual attraction towards the guys with a beard. It suggests their increased fertility and maturity to women. Men with beard look more masculine than the ones who have no beard at all.(Also read: What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple)

A good option for a long-term relationship: Women may find stubble guys attractive and charming too. But according to the study, they are only good for a short-term relationship. Women go for bearded men to have a long-term and healthy relationship.

Besides this, it has been asked and studied over and over again to find out what makes women so crazy about bearded men! Well, every study reveals that women find a man with a beard more serious and stable towards life. Also, if a woman is looking for stability and planning a future ahead, she will be more inclined towards a man with a beard than the one who is clean shaved or has a slight stubble. A mature man suggests better earning for livelihood and assurance for a better life. A man with no beard might look immature of his age and less serious to take anyone’s responsibilities. (Also read: How to make your man love you more each day)

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