Why do the nicest people get hurt the most

Why do the nicest people get hurt the most

Life becomes a testing ground at each step. Your take on life depends entirely upon you. At every major step, life will show you two paths, one engraved with sorted life and other which involves struggle but ensures success. Life is a complex journey and is full of adventure. It becomes even tougher for those who are nicest of all. They even treat the difficulties of life with a broad smile. It is true that the strongest heart gets hurt several times. What makes them nice is their experience of walking at the pebbled path.

Let’s have a look at the circumstances that make nicest people suffer:

Sufferer of Harsh Reality: Their reason for being nice to everyone is that they have been the sole witness of the harsh realities of the world. They have been through all the cruelties and meanness that the world has treated them with. They could acknowledge the feeling of decisiveness and stand alone against all the odds. With this experience, they have become strong. They want to treat the world with all the good they are left with.

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They love the hardest way: In this fancy world, feelings now stand secondary for others. But people who are genuinely in love and know what exactly the meaning of love is. They can never hurt anyone intentionally. They know how it feels to love a heart made of stone.

Stretches out a helping hand: People who have stood alone at the most difficult times won’t admire others to go through the same difficulty. You will always find them supporting your back whenever you find yourself in the dark. They will be a call away or must be at your help whenever you need them. (Also read: What are the signs of finding a Soulmate)

Will give a beneficial advice: People who are genuinely nice will always give you good and healthy advice. They won’t let any harm touch you or break you. They know the cost of getting hurt. If they are concerned for you, they will definitely find a way out for you and will be there by your side at every step.

Struggle makes them strong:
Such people have struggled a lot in their life and are again ready to take life as it comes. Their positive approach towards life makes them as strong as shell and this shields them. They would always want to find a way out for you in an odd situation because of their pure heart and genuine soul.

Besides having such qualities, people with a golden soul suffer a lot. Negative people take undue advantage of them. They use them at every step for their own selfishness. Such pure souls will never say no to anyone’s help and this sometimes makes them feel used up. So all such people out there, being nice is good but beware as not everyone around you is same.

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