Why Do People Remove Their Display Picture When Are Angry

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Why do people remove their DP when they are angry

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Fights and arguments are really common in any relationship, be it in a relationship or in friendship. Everyone has his or her own way of showing their anger. When it comes to expressing the anger social media comes in real handy. Many people post a status about their feelings and emotions while others put sad quotes as their display picture. There is another way people show their anger and sadness that is removing their WhatsApp Display Picture. For some people, it is a way of showing their anger but for some, it is a way of gaining attention. However, there are multiple reasons why people remove their Display picture when they are angry. (Also read: Why is it so difficult to date a daddy’s princess)

Gaining attention
Some people crave for attention more than others. They try many ways to gain it. One of those ways is removing their WhatsApp display picture. When someone does it, people instantly ask them about what’s wrong. As a result, they finally get attention.

Constant arguments and fights can leave a person drained. This also makes them really frustrated with everything. So, they remove their Display picture to show it that they are frustrated with the argument. (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

Expressing their anger
When you remove your DP you let the person you had an argument with that you are still angry. It is just a way to express that you are still affected by the issue.

A way to initiate conversation
When you are angry with someone you want them to talk to you, but you don’t know how to convey it. In such cases, these tactics really come in handy as this attracts your partner or your friend’s attention.

Out of guilt
Many people think that it is a way of showing guilt. We live in a world that is obsessed with the social media presence so it also serves as a way to self-punish. (Also read: Is it really worth dating an insecure man)

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