Why do men like to cuddle

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Why do men like to cuddle

Cuddling is one of the sweetest ways of expressing love. When it comes to men especially they often are embarrassed in confessing their love. According to the studies, women are more vocal about their feelings. They do not hide their feelings. While when it comes to men they a unique way of expression. Cuddling is a calmer way and it even ensures safety and support.

Here are the few reasons why men like to cuddle:

Men want to see us happy: Men are well aware, that women like to exchange the sweet gestures of love. Therefore, they sometimes come to us to cuddle and make us happy. It’s a fact they will cuddle only when they are at peace and want to assure us of love.

Want to make us feel close: Though the feeling of closeness is not just by physical touch, cuddling is a sweeter way of expression. There comes a point in guy’s life when they want nothing but the closeness to their partner. This is the time when they might cuddle you.

Makes him feel manly: A support of a partner is the best thing in the world. When nothing in life goes right, men get dishearten because of their male ego. Thus, when they cuddle they reflect their inner side and it gives them the feeling of manliness. Well, they know, that they have you when they have nothing in life.

Makes them feel comfortable: Imagine a night when you do nothing but just watch your favourite movie along with your partner cuddling you. Nothing can be more romantic and loving than this. And what’s more important is, it is very comfortable.

Gives a sense of security: Security is all that we all desire. In today’s time, commitment and security are the two precious things that bound the people together. Cuddling is an easy way of assuring that no matter what, we both are together even during the toughest of times.

Rests the chemical rush: All human beings get the chemical rush of intimacy. When it’s not always possible to actually get through it. Thus, cuddling is a sweet and secure way of settling that chemical rush going inside the body.

Good for health: There is a release of a hormone called Oxytocin while we cuddle. It is a happy chemical and the more it is released, the happier we feel from inside out. Thus we have a sorted blissful life.

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