Why dating a tall girl is the best thing ever

Why dating a tall girl is the best thing ever

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Dating can be tricky for people everywhere. There are many things that matter when you date a girl. One of these things is the height of a girl. It is a common misconception that guys like to date small girls, but dating a tall girl is a treat in itself. She is someone who attracts attention due to her height and everyone ends up noticing her. A tall girl carries herself with an aura of a strong and independent woman. So, when it comes to dating, any guy would be lucky to date a tall girl. Let’s find out why. (Also read: What are the signs that you are someone’s rebound option)

Model like look
When a tall girl enters the room with you, everyone turns to look at her. This is because her height gives her a model-like look. So, immediately you will feel that you are dating a supermodel.

Perfect dance partner
Dancing is all about synchronizing with your partner and ruling the dance floor. A tall girl is the perfect dance partner one can ask for. She matches your height and as a result, your moves match perfectly.  (Also read: How to tell a guy that you don’t like him)

Selfie partner
When you are dating a girl of small height you always end up being the selfie stick! However, this problem doesn’t exist when you are dating a tall girl. She can be your selfie partner anytime and anywhere.

Tall girls don’t need you to play the knight in shining armour all the time as they highly self-sufficient. Be it reaching the top shelf or storing stuff in the attic. She can do it on her own.

No more bending
When you are dating a tall girl you don’t have to bend down to kiss her. You both are at the perfect angle for the kiss! That’s a good news for your neck right?

Catch up with you
Tall girl means flawless long legs. She can easily match your pace of walking. So, long walks are actually fun with her.  (Also read: What mistakes can make you lose the love of a strong woman)

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