Why dating a short girl is the best thing

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Why dating a short girl is the best thing

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It is often believed that short girls are a complete package. They are cute, adorable and admirable. One should not judge a girl on the basis of their height. However, there are some people who think that girls who are short in height are actually crazy and fun loving. It is true, great things come in small packets. And that’s what short girls are all about. It’s usually a bonus to date a short girl. Relationships are not just about one’s height but a lot of things beyond that. One must love the person, not the physical appearance solely. And trust us, dating short girls will bring more happiness to your life. Thus, here are some of the reasons why dating short girls is the best thing. (Also read: What are the most abusive things your partner does in a relationship)

Why dating a short girl is the best thing?

Cuddling a short girl is easy: If you are dating a short girl, you must know how easy and fun it is to cuddle a short girl. They are like the cute chipmunks whom you can grab around in your arms with so much ease and comfort. Besides this, hugging them is very relaxing too.

No issues about spacing: A short girlfriend occupies less space. You don’t have to worry about spacing issues. She can easily adjust herself in a little space. Besides this, she is not fussy about the space and can even adjust herself in your lap. (Also read: What are the reasons that suggest early marriage is the best decision of life)

She is her inner child alive: It is a fact, that short girls are cute as they have those childhood characteristics still left in them. She is full of energy and always on her toes for fun. Besides this, she also has a playful nature, that always blows your mind and gives you a kind of relaxation.

She is independent: Short girls are often been degraded for being short in height. People often try to dominate them for they were short in height. However, they take it as a challenge and become an independent woman. She is serious about her career and life, besides being passionate.

She stands on her toes to kiss you: Short girls often have this technique of getting on her toes to kiss you. You being tall in height makes her stand on her toes and lift herself up to give you that adorable kiss. And this is indeed the sweetest thing you will find in a girl which is sweet.

She looks sassy in high heels: Short girls have the advantage to carry those sexy high heels. They have a privilege to wear them and walk by your side to the party night. She has a huge collection of nice footwear that helps her to match up to your height. (Also read: What are the reasons that your girlfriend is good at lying to you)

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