Why Arrange Marriages Are Better Than Love Marriages

love arrange marriage better

The toughest decision one has to take at one point in life is ‘Marriage’. There remain many questions in mind, like, at what age should you marry, whom to marry, or the biggest question is whether love marriage or arrange marriage. While our elder thinks that arrange marriage is better, but the youth consider love marriage is much better. However, in some cases, we will know that arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

Let’s know why love marriage is better than love marriage.

Interest and enthusiasm
love arrange marriage better
You are unaware of each other’s likes and dislikes in the arranged marriage, which keeps you interested in each other for a very long time. During this time you create many beautiful and memorable moments, which keep the excitement in a relationship. On the other hand, knowing about the partner in love marriage already reduces interest and enthusiasm.

Few expectations

With more hope, the relationship starts weakening and it also falls on the brink of breaking down. But in the case of arranged marriage, the expectation is less, which has less chance of fighting in the relationship. But in love marriage, we expect a lot from our partner and after the marriage, unrequited expectations lead to disappointment.

Happiness of the family

While deciding about marriage, we forget the likes and dislikes of the family, due to which the altercation is seen after marriage. Arrange Marriage has always been the first choice of the family because arrange marriage family find your life partner according to their wishes. Because of this, there is an unbreakable relationship between family members and your spouse.

No need to have an expert in Dating

You need to have a dating expert in a Love Marriage, but some people are hesitant to talk about opposite sex. Arrange marriage is the best way for such people.

Time Savings

The time before the wedding is most important of your life. Therefore, wasting time in dating can affect your future. But by making an arrangement, you can strengthen the future.

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