Why are you getting rejected by your crush

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Why are you getting rejected by you crush

Having a crush on someone can be challenging and fun at the same time. Most of us spend the time daydreaming about our crushes. It can be difficult to gain your crush’s attention.Even when you do get the attention, sometimes your crush rejects you. However, have you considered that what are reasons that you getting reject by your crush? If you know the reason then you can work on them and turn things around. It is important to know certain things that might be harming your romantic intention. So, let’s find why are you getting rejected by your crush. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner truly respects you)

You are being too obvious
The art of flirting is something that not everyone is an expert. In some cases, the person comes out too strong. That means when you are talking to your crush you are too direct and blunt. So, instead of doing that you have to be smart with your words.

Your crush is not interested in you
Even though it might be really hard to hear but there is a chance that you crush is not interested in you. But this does happen. If you are crush is not interested in a romantic way. There is nothing you can do about it.

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No hints of your feelings
If you want your crush to consider you romantically, you have to drop at least few hints about it. Be subtle and gentle about and add a little mystery to the same. This way you can get your crush to be interested in you.

Not ready for a relationship
It is possible that your crush is too happy being single. He or she is just not ready for a relationship as of now. In this situation, you really ought not to blame yourself and move on!

They are committed
It is not possible that you know right away if your crush is single or not. So, there is a chance that your crush is rejecting you because he or she is committed.

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