Why A Relationship Without Trust Does Not Last

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Why A Relationship Without Trust Does Not Last

Do you think a relationship without trust can last? If you have seen such relationship then how long two people without trusting each other can stay together? Not for a longer time! Trust is the building block of a relationship. Only love cannot make two different people stay together. It needs compatibility, loyalty and definitely trust. It is possible that you love a person too much but you still have a doubt on them. Your relationship will not last forever. Why? The reasons are listed in the following. Have a look: (Also Read: What Are The Lessons You Should Learn From A Failed Relationship)

You will not believe them:
If you can not believe your partner, how can you avoid fighting or arguments? This will cause a havoc between you two and this may lead to breakups. In fact, there will be a possibility that your partner is telling you the truth but because of the lack of trust, you can not avoid interrogating and investigating.

You feel insecure always:
If you lack trust towards your partner, you may feel insecure always. The main problems are you always fight with your partner in making your place in his/her life intact. Here the insecurity starts coming to your mind. You can not stand any of your partner’s friend. This can bring out a lot of problems between you two. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Romance Which Suggest You Are Special To Him)

You can not respect your partner:
Love is just not enough to run a relationship, we need to respect the person as well. Trust is very much important for you both of you. Have you noticed that you can not respect a person whom you just do not trust? It is not about your partner but in general too. So, the same goes for your love relationship.

You always feel sad and depressed:
If you are not satisfied in a relationship because of trust issues, you can not feel happy, rather you feel depressed. So, why not trust your partner and stay happy. You will be always happy in a good, trustworthy relationship. (Also Read: What Are The Annoying Things Men Do On Social Media That Women Hate)

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