Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful

Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful

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We all like to be around our partner all the time. However, it is important to know if this is actually unhealthy for a relationship. Firstly, love is different for everyone, some people like to spend every moment with their partner, while others prefer to save time for their own life. It is important to cherish the love you have for your partner but too much love can lead to conflicts in a relationship. Love is a beautiful part of life, but too much love in a relationship leads to lack of personal growth and increase dependency. So, in a happy relationship, individual personality development is equally important. It makes room for a better and healthier relationship.

Everyone likes their individual freedom
Nobody likes restrictions. A relationship is no exception. When you enter a relationship, you enter as an individual, so it is important for anyone to maintain some part of that individual identity. Therefore, a caged and possessive relationship can make things very difficult as everyone likes to maintain their personal space and freedom.

It hampers the personal growth
Life is all about growing and changing with time. Individual growth is very important for your mental health and professional life. If you are in a relationship where you are smothered with too much love then it is hard for you to achieve personal growth and have a successful career. Therefore, it is actually unhealthy. So, keep this thought in mind.

Too much love can make the relationship monotonous
Time and space give the relationship to maintain its charm and excitement. So when you are involved with your partner all the time, then it is a possibility that your relationship will turn monotones and dull with time.

It leads to more arguments and conflicts
When you are together all the time it can cause arguments as there is no personal space. It can be annoying after a point to be around your partner. So, when you have personal space then every single moment you spend with your partner is worth cherishing.

Gives you no space for your own interest
In a possessive and smothering relation often there is no space for the person to grow. Also, this makes the person upset and frustrated. That’s why space is important in any relationship.

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