Why a boy and girl cannot be friends

Why a boy and girl cannot be friends

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We all have often heard this phrase in our life “A boy and girl can not be friends.” Many think of this phrase as a result of stereotypical thinking. However, many times friendship between a boy and girl can be tricky. Different genders have different ways of functioning. That’s why many times the friendship between a girl and boy results in a troubled affair. However, often people manage to look beyond the differences and maintain a healthy friendship, but this is a rare case scenario. In most cases, the friendship between a boy and girl does not work out in a good way.

Emotions and feelings make things complicated
When two sexes come together, often feelings and emotions get in between. Often this is the reason for the failure of a friendship. This changes into a one sided love affair, which ruins everything in a friendship.

When you are best friends with the opposite gender you often find yourself jealous for no reason. Especially when the other person starts seeing somebody else. This feeling of jealousy can change the entire friendship.

Lack of common interest
Friendship is formed and based on love for common things. Many times boys and girls have strikingly different interests. If that is the case then gets difficult to maintain a healthy and long lasting friendship.

Sexual feelings
It is human nature to get attracted to the opposite sex. That;s why when a boy and girl get involved with each other, then there is a chance that sexual attraction might happen. In this case, such feeling can completely change the pure bond of friendship.

When the other person starts dating
A boy and girl best friends often find themselves in a difficult position when the other person starts dating. It becomes hard to maintain the friendship then. Eventually, the friendship fails in a long wrong run.

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