Which things must one not tell friends about their relationship

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What Are The Things Not To Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Friendship and love are two different feelings and relationships. You can not mix them together. Both of these relationships sides are very important for you. But you cannot discuss everything about your relationship with your friends and vice-versa. It is important to understand that some things should be limited to you and your partner only. There are few things which your friend cannot understand but you can. So, you should always maintain a thin line while discussing anything about your relationship with your friends. So, have a look at the following and know about these restricted things. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That His Ego Is More Important Than The Relationship)

Which things must one not tell friends about their relationship?

Intimacy details:
Your bedroom stories should not be out. Just think once how bad your partner will feel when they get to know that you discuss this with your friends, It is not just losing respect in front of others but it is extremely embarrassing. By discussing this, you are making your own life a matter of someone else’s laugh.

Your fights and complications:
Never discuss your fights with your friends. You may forget the fight you had, but your friends do not and they can judge your relationship from the top to bottom. (Also Read: What Are The Silent Killers Of A Relationship)

Your partner’s personal problems:
It is natural that your partner will tell everything when they are upset and depressed. Telling somebody else’s problems to others is not a good habit. That is why keep your partner’s personal problems with you only. Do not let the world know about it.

Money related problems:
You can only make your friends respect your partner. If your partner is struggling financially and you help them, you should not say this to your friends. They may misunderstand your situation and can judge your relationship badly. Money matters are extremely personal. It involves your partner’s trust. So, do not make it public by discussing this with others.

Past relationships of your partner:
Do not discuss the past relationship backgrounds of your partner with friends. It can make your friends feel negative about your partner. They may have multiple relationships in their life, which is no way connected to your present relationship. So, what is the point of telling these things and increasing negativity? (Also Read: Why Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Men)

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