Which Signs Say That You Are Not In Love Anymore

Which Signs Say That You Are Not In Love Anymore

It can be possible that the love you are having for anyone, will not last a lifetime. Loving someone depends on many things. With the flow of time, there can be changes in your love. If you are not happy with your relationship and this relationship is killing you day by day, no wonder you are no more in love. Do you think, you are also losing your feeling towards your partner? You should have a look at the following to know about the signs which say you are not in love anymore. (Also Read: Major things to do in order to have a lucky love life)

You find your partner irritating:
Your partner may arrange dinners for you and above of all he/she cares for you. But if your love is fading away, you will find each and every effort of your partner as fake and irritating. This may sound cruel but when your love goes away you feel the same.

No excitement about the relationship:
There is no excitement left in the relationship. You are no longer a person who used to plan dates and surprises for your partner. You are now a person who has all his priorities in life except the relationship. (Also Read: Which things must one not tell friends about their relationship)

There is suffocation being in the relationship:
Your suffocation is increasing day by day. You wonder why you are in the relationship and find a way to come out of it. This feeling clearly says that you are not in love anymore.

You do not respect your partner:
Love and respect have close relationhsip with each other. If you love a person, it is natural that you respect the person too. No matter what will be the reason, if you are not in love, you will lose the respect too.

You do not want to make things perfect:
If your relationship is scattered, you are not trying to gather the fragments and make a new life again. As you have lost the interest from the relationship, you are not going to try to make the things better between you two. You are not in love anymore. (Also Read: How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Get Engaged)

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