When is the right time to kiss your partner

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When is the right time to kiss your partner

When you are out on a date with a girl and your date is going good, you both feel happy. However, to make your date more interesting and better, you often think about some intimating moments. Intimating with your partner requires the right approach and consent from the girl’s end. You can’t force yourself on her and insist her to get physical with you. A single kiss can turn the relationship between the two of you. However, when is the right time to make the first move towards kissing the girl for the first time. Many people have this common question in their mind! However, there are certain signs which can give the answer to this question. Let’s discuss them in detail. (Also read: What are the various excuses people often make after cheating)

When is the right time to kiss your partner?

If she says yes when you ask her: There are certain moments when you will notice that they are leaning towards you. You can even ask her straight away. This will prove your honesty. If you think asking her will be wrong then this is not true. If she really likes you then she will definitely understand your situation.

When they are relaxed with you: If you hug her and pulls her near you but she pushes you away instead, then she is not comfortable with you. However, if she feels relaxed and comfortable while leaning towards you, then you can kiss her. (Also read: Things to deal with if you have an unromantic boyfriend)

When she makes the first move: No every girl will try to kiss you herself first. However, there are few girls who make the first move to kiss you. There is nothing best than this. This helps to wipe off the tension of the consequences or what she will think.

When she comes close to you: If she is sitting close to you while you are in a cafe, you can make a move. Try to touch her gently and softly. If she reciprocates then it is a good sign. However, this does not tell whether she wants to kiss you but you can get a sign whether she is comfortable or not.

Eye contact: Sometimes eye contact is enough to tell what is going on between the two of you. If you both are holding the eye contact for quite a long time then focus on their eyes. She might look at your lips after eye contact with you. This shows that they are ready. However, if they break the eye contact that means she is not ready. (Also read: What are the signs that you have lost the love of your life forever)

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