What You Should Do If You Are Falling For Your EX’s Friend

What You Should Do If You Are Falling For Your EX's Friend

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There are many situations come in our life which are unexplainable, ironic and funny. One of these situations is falling in love with your EX’s Friend. Yeah! Quite a weird situation it is and loads of thoughts occupy your mind when you face such situation. The weirdest thing is the association of your past life in your present scenario. So, a mental dilemma and social pressure can make you feel stressed out. Hence, if this happens, you need to clear out few things to go forward. We are here to help you in these things. Read this article carefully and get some clear idea to get out of such situations. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Both Are In A Very Strong Relationship)

Dig out some past situations:
There are several factors roam around you and that person if there is a straight association your past has. Think about that time when you used to date this person’s friend, your EX. First, find out how close this person is to your EX? Are they still friends? Do you remember any of the situations when you realise that this person was helping you both to get back in the relationship again? These are the factors can help you to move forward and think about the consequences. Hope you are clear with this point.

Talk to your EX:
Yes! It is better to talk to your EX. It might be a little bit awkward to talk to that person again after your break up, but you should be practical and do your best to make the situation comfortable for the new person and you. Make sure you are talking your EX in the loop and letting your him/her know that you are dating this person now who a good friend. It is not asking for permission but just informing and acting fair with all the aspects. (Also Read: How To Handle Rejection While Proposing)

What are other friends saying?
You can talk to your friends about the situation. Various opinion helps to make a decision. Talk to the mutual friends of your EX and you. They would definitely know about the present person you are dating. They may guide you properly. Other than that, it would be helpful for you to know if your EX likes the situation or not. If she/he does not like it, then it would be difficult for you to control the situation as this present person is still your EX’s Friend.

Do not approach the person for the wrong reason:
You are dating your EX’S friend these days, so do not approach this person for the wrong reason. There may be chances of reaching out to your EX again and you know this is the best way to make your EX feel jealous. Else, you may want your EX to come to you or talk about it. These things can hurt the emotional level of the present person. So, make your ways clear and move forward for the new relationship. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Indicate You Love Your Partner More Than They Do)

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