What To Do When You Get A Text From Your Ex

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Moving on from a relationship is tricky and difficult. You endure the heartache, misery and the pain till you finally feel free from the relationship. However, sometimes the past doesn’t leave you alone. When you feel that you are finally over your ex suddenly you hear the ping of a text message and when we open it, you see a message from your ex. A single message can ruin your entire day. The instant reaction is a shock which is followed by misery and curiosity. So, now you have to think what to do with the text message, should you reply to it or not? (Also read: Why do you crave for sad songs right after the breakup)

Read the message calmly
Before you make any assumptions or overthink the situation read the message first. Don’t panic or feel upset over it, simply read.

Remember how the relationship ended
Some relationships end on a bad not, while others end in a good way. Think about the way your breakup, if it ended on a healthy and good note, then maybe the message is a simply an attempt to know about your well-being. If it ended on an awful note then you have to be careful. (Also read: Why should you cut all the ties with your ex post breakup)

Don’t get involved in the nostalgia
When you receive a message from your ‘ex’ it is natural to think about the time you spend with them. You might miss them and crave for their presence in your life, but it is not good for your mental health. Nostalgia makes the past appear all peachy but you must be more rational about the situation.

Decide if you want to reply
To reply or not to reply is all in your hand. So, think it through, that if you want a conversation with him or her. If you think that you want to respond to it then do that.

Remember it is okay to not respond
If you do not reply to it, then you must know it is perfectly okay. It is your decision completely. Not staying involved with your ex is actually a good decision in many cases.  (Also read: What are the signs that you should breakup)

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