What to do when you are stuck with a bad date

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What to do when you are stuck in a bad date

The first dates are often fun and easy. You meet a person, there is an exchange of small talks and then you notice if there is any chance of making things work with him or her. However, that is not always the case as sometimes you are stuck with a really bad date. There are many things that lead to a bad date like being with someone who is rude and disrespectful or someone who is constantly checking the phone. When you are stuck, all you want to do is to rush of the date without being mean or arrogant. Not to worry anymore as we have figured out the best ways to do that. (Also read: What are things women worry about in a relationship)

Fake a phone call
This one is a classic excuse. Instead of getting bored or annoyed with your date, simply say that you have to rush due to an emergency text or call. This way you can avoid the entire experience and enjoy the rest of the time on your terms.

Tell him/her that you have plans
When you have made an effort to go on a date, then you have all the rights to back out of it. Just say that you have to attend a family dinner that you forgot about or some other event. Then leave politely. (Also read: Phrases you should not use while consoling a grieving friend)

Pretend to have an illness
This excuse is ideal for any situation. The key to this escape is to come up with a genuine illness, like a headache or fatigue. Then you can avoid follow up in future and get out of the date easily.

Say that you have office work
A wonderful way to avoid a bad date. You can always blame the office or your job for the time crunch and avoid the date as a whole.

Be honest
If you want to go for a truthful option, then the best option is to come clean. Tell your date that things are not clicking between you two and you don’t wish to continue the date. (Also read: What things you don’t fight about when you are in a right relationship)

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