What to do if you do not like the kissing style of your partner

what to do if you do not like the kissing style of your partner

Kiss is the most beautiful moment of any relationship, which also works to bring you and your partner closer to each other and to strengthen the relationship bond. But this situation gets a little worse and complex when you do not like the way your partner is kissing or your partner knows how to kiss. If you discuss this with your partner, they may feel bad. You can do something to get out of this problem so that they will not feel bad.

Do it yourself

If your partner’s kissing style is not good, then you should do them exactly as you want. By doing so, he will learn and experience. Maybe he will try next time the same way as you want.


what to do if you do not like the kissing style of your partner

The best way is to let them know what you like. Explain your partner what type of kiss you like and what you expect. For this, you can take help of your dream or if he has ever done it. After saying this, he will try to give you more happiness in future.

Set the Mood

If your partner is not able to do the right thing, then they can be uncomfortable for them. So by playing games or talking before you can make his mood, he will feel comfortable and will provide you happiness.


One can master anything by practising more often. It takes a little time to understand each other’s kissing styling, so start kissing each other more often.

If after all these things, their way of changing does not change, then you can talk to them directly and clearly about it. Just stating, you should not tell them with a sense of complaining, but rather explain your desire or disagreement. Most importantly find out what you don’t like and try to fix them.

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