What to do if you are in a relationship and still have a crush on someone

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What to do if you are in a relationship and still have a crush over someone

If you are already in a relationship and have a crush on someone else then you must be a little cautious about the same. It’s okay to have a crush on someone, but sometimes it creates many misunderstandings and problems in your existing relationship. There exists a bit of jealousy in every relationship. If your partner gets to know about your crush, he/she will definitely be jealous of the same. It might lead to fights and arguments in your relationship. Besides this, it might hurt your partner’s feeling. Being attracted to someone else or having a crush on someone is normal. All these feelings are temporary and you know that you are already in love with your partner. But it eventually leads to insecurities in your partner’s mind. Thus, you must be little cautious and should take care of few things. (Also read: What are the actual reasons that make a guy cheat in a relationship)

What to do if you are in a relationship and still have a crush on someone?

Try to ignore meeting alone: You should definitely ignore meeting your crush all alone. It will pass on a wrong signal to your partner and also your crush. You must not forget how important are the feelings of your partner. If you want to meet your crush, you can try to take your partner along with you.

Don’t spend much time together: Don’t spend much time with your crush. Your partner might not like this. Thus, it will create problems in your life. Thus, you should try to devote more time to your partner and maintain a little distance from your crush. (Also read: What are the reasons that your man will never cheat on you)

Avoid any kind of online communication: There is a lot of jealousy in a relationship, be it from a guy or a girl. Thus, try to avoid any kind of online communication from your crush as it may annoy your partner. It gives a sense of insecurity in the mind of your partner and might turn off his mood.

Don’t share your secrets with your partner: You already have your partner to talk and share your secrets with. Don’t get too much involved with your crush so much that you reveal all your secrets to him/her. This will definitely create a difference between the two of you. We share our secrets with the people who are closest to us. It also may make your partner think that you bitch about your relationship with your crush. So, avoid doing that.

Try to maintain a respectable distance: Maintaining a respectable distance from your partner is one of the key ways to deal with the situation. Too much closeness with your partner will only create misunderstandings in your relationship which will be hard to resolve. So, in order to avoid any such circumstances, keep your crush at a distance from you. (Also read: What are the different meanings of various types of hugs)

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