What are the worst first date mistakes that men often make

What the worst first date mistake that men often make

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The first date sets the tone for the entire nature of the relationship. A first date can either be the most memorable time or a bad experience. Everyone has lots of expectations when it comes to the first date, especially for girls the first date is very crucial. It is actually the first time when two people image each other in a romantic way or romantic setting. However, it is quite common that the date often ends up in a bad way. When it comes to men there are few mistakes that can completely ruin the first date. So, if you are thinking about moving forward with a girl then it is important that you completely avoid these mistakes.

Talking about your exes
Nothing turns women completely off than a man who keeps talking about his ex-girlfriends. It is clear indication that he is not from his past. When you spend time talking about your ex-girlfriends, so in a way you are not paying attention to the girl you are with.

Behaving in an un-gentleman like manner
The first date is all about putting your best foot forward. So, there are certain things that can immediately impress a girl on the first date itself. One of them is gentlemen like behaviour. If you are rude and disrespectful towards a girl then it is a negative sign for her.

Staying on your phone all the time
Everyone likes to be treated in a special way on the first date. Girls love it when a guy treats her with his full attention. However, sometimes guys spend all there time staying glued to there phones. This makes a girl feel that she is not important for you.

Taking no interest in her life
The first date is the chance to know more about a person. In some cases, guys forget about the importance of knowing about the girl and just talk about themselves. It is a huge first date mistake.

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