What should you do if your partner does not reply you back

What should you do if your partner does not reply you back

We all come across a time when we wait for our partner’s reply but he/she does not get a reply back. We all keep looking into our mobile phones without blinking our eye for once. Well, this is the problem with most of us. We become so restless that we can’t control ourselves and keep our hawk’s eyes on the phone. However, this is something which brings no good to us. It only suggests how vulnerable and impatient we have become for that person’s response. We should understand that the person might not be in a feasible condition to reply you back. But we overthink and over analyse every move. (Also read: What not to do after a bad date)

Here is a piece of advice for everyone who’s partner does not reply them back:

Don’t become restless: Do not lose your temper or patience. Give some time to the person. Give up on your nature of overthinking and over analysing everything. It will bring no good to you. Give him/her own space and time. Don’t worry he will reply you back!

Don’t flood him with your messages:
If he/she is not replying to your messages, do not send a chain of messages for no reason. It will only annoy the person. You should realise that the person will respond you back when he/she will get time. Constant messages will only aggravate his irritation level. (Also read: What are the things girls should not do to seek attention from guys)

Keep yourself busy: Do not linger on your phone. Carry out your activities and keep yourself busy. Don’t overthink about anything. It is not the only thing, you are waiting. Keeping oneself busy is the best solution to avoid overthinking.

Value yourself: The most important thing for everyone is to maintain your self-respect. Do not lose it to the hands of anyone else. If he/she does not respect you to reply you back, then you should not lose your self-respect. Do not message again until you find a suitable reason for this irresponsible behaviour.

If you had a fight, send a pleasant message: His not replying you back might be the result of some fight between you both. So try to send him/her a loving pleasant message to please him. It might lighten his mood and you will achieve what you want. Saying a sorry won’t let you down. Find a solution, instead of stretching the issue. Ultimately you want to talk! (Also read: What Does The Couples Do To Keep Their Relationship Strong)

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