What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple

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What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple

Marriage in India is considered as one of the most auspicious bonds to cherish. It is a blessing to get married and live happily with your partner. But there have been many instances of married couples undergoing a lot of trouble after a certain phase of their life. When you both start living together and get burdened with a lot of things going around you, you both lack time for each other. It becomes almost invisible for you to devote attention to your partner. Besides this, every relationship loses its charm after a certain point of time. Thus, couples have to make an effort to keep the relationship lively and healthy. Being an outsider we overlook the tensions in the life of a couple. Only they are the ones, who know the real struggles in a wedded bond. (Also read: How to make your man love you more each day)

What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple?

Gets bored after 3 years: A married couple loses the charm of their relationship after a certain point of time. Things become monotonous in their life and they lose the fun factor of their relationship. It is believed that after 3 years of marriage, couples come to a stage of boredom. They have nothing left to do as all these 3 years, they have been having fun with each other. If they plan a baby by the 3rd year of their marriage, they still have some spark left in their life.

Increased arguments: After the married couple gradually moves to the new phase of their life, they have to do a lot of adjustments. They keep on arguing with one another over menial things. They argue over the responsibilities, kids, family pressure, career etc. Things sometimes become uncontrollable and the couple tends to take a break for some time. (Also read: How to make your conversation interesting over text)

Financial issues: If a couple is struggling financially, then there are more chances of divorce between the couple. Money plays a major role between a couple. Failing to fulfil financial needs of any partner often results in increased arguments and fights. Thus, the rate of divorce due to the financial crisis is higher than usual.

Boredom: This is one of the biggest mysteries of a very long time. The expectations of people from marriage differ vastly. The phase of saying that they are bored of their married life is quite difficult to understand. What are they actually expecting from marriage is a question forever? Why can’t they come at stability? Looking for other partners even while you are married is no good option. It will only mess up your life.

Wrong reasons: Some couples don’t know the exact reason they are fighting with each other. They only keep on finding fault unknowingly what do they actually expect from each other. The situation becomes worse when they don’t talk about it and keep avoiding a healthy conversation. (Also read: What are the reasons which make woman cheat in a relationship)

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