What is the power of an apology in a relationship

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What is the power of an apology in a relationship

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Our relationships with people make our lives full of sweetness and positivity. However, there is more to a relationship than just love and happiness. To make a relationship work there is a word that means much more than any confession of love and that word is “Sorry.” Often people forget the value of a sincere, heartfelt and honest apology. It is not about being in a romantic relationship, it about any relationship, a mother and child relationship, friendship or any other. When you apologise you spread the word that you are feeling remorse for your actions. (Also read: What are the most annoying things every boyfriend does)

The power of an apology is often ignored as many of us were not raised in a way to understand its power. When you apologize you hold you’re accountable for actions and mistakes you committed. Many times the apology arrives really late and it might appear meaningless, but even a late apology is a way of understanding your own responsibility.

People who grow up with dysfunctional relationships or broken families often have a hard time grasping the concept of apology. An apology is not a sign of weakness, in fact, it is a sign of courage and bravery. It takes a really brave person to acknowledge the harm of his or her actions and then ask for forgiveness.

People who lack the idea of moral ground or consciousness are often the ones who fail to feel remorse or empathy. Without the feeling of empathy (Putting yourself in someone’s situation and feeling the pain) or remorse (guilt of your actions), no one can apologise in a sincere way. An apology speaks volumes about a person and his or her commitment to a relationship.

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When you are with someone chance are you will eventually have a fallout. However, there is nothing that the wonder of apology can’t fix, as long as it is heartfelt and meaningful.

To apologize to someone remember three steps:

Accepting your mistake is the first step to apologize. It shows that you are willing to accept your responsibility.

It is not just about your words, it is about actions too. So, make amends by your actions.

Assure the other person, that your apology has more depth to it than just word. Make the promise, it will make your apology more meaningful.

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