What Is The Meaning Of Your Love Life

What Is The Meaning Of Your Love Life

The feeling of love is the deepest of any other feeling. Everyone falls in love once in their lifetime and the goosebumps which they get is unimaginable. The tickling feeling makes the day brighter and nights calmer. However, there are different types of love which exist in this world and everyone experience one fine type at one point. Being in love doesn’t mean that you have all the treasure because there are different experiences in each kind of love. So, if you want to know about the meaning of your love life, read below:

Infatuated Love:
Infatuation drives the person crazy. You feel overpowered with all the accumulated feelings and rush to give them a name of love but hold on! Infatuation is not related to love, it is just a feeling of liking the other one on their good notes but just give a thought whether you or the other one will be by their side in difficult times or do you both know the bad part of each other and accept it. If not, then this is just an infatuated love which is built in the dream world.

Romantic Love:
Well! when you two are together, romance is the aura everywhere. You seem to share the minutest details of each other and get butterflies in the stomach just by a touch. But do you find any other reason to take the relationship further? If not, then you are into a Romantic Love where passion and romance only play their respective roles.

Empty Love:
Generally, the Indian marriages are set up on this kind of love. You will get the feeling of imbibed love (the-bound-to-love) but there is no passion for knowing the minute details of the other, no approach for the likes and dislikes, no crazy drive for lovemaking hence, being empty handed with the hidden desires. Thus, if this is the case then you are into Empty Love.

Companionate Love:
You find him or her as your best companion. The intimacy between both of you is great and commitment level is on top of everything and if this is the case then you are into Companionate Love. The lacking part is just the sex drive but in long term, you couple can boost it easily.

Consummate Love:
A relationship full of spark, romantic gestures, great intimacy, high level of sex drive and never parting ways, this is what Consummate Love is. This is the form of love which everyone desires.

So, I hope you are now aware of the kind of love you are taking a ride on!


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