What is the difference between a sexy guy and a cute guy

What is the difference between a sexy guy and a cute guy

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Girls have a unique way of complimenting guys. Sometimes they call a guy cute, while other they call another guy sexy. Often guys wonder how to decode the subtle hints that girls are throwing with these compliments. When we think of the word cute we automatically link it to the word adorable. Cute guys are a rare treat in the world. In contrast, sexy guys appear mysterious and dangerous. They are full of charm and thrill at the same time. However, sometimes this charm leads to a heartbreak for the girl. So, let’s find out what the difference between a cute guy and a sexy guy. (Also read: Is it really worth dating an insecure man)

A cute guy is your friend first, sexy guy is never the friend
This is the most basic difference between a cute guy and sexy guy is their approach towards you. Cute guys can be great friends as their approach is usually simple and sweet whereas sexy guys reek of danger and attraction. Therefore, you can’t be a sexy guy’s friend.

You take cute boys to meet the parents, sexy guy is a hidden romance
A cute guy is automatically your parents’ favourite. They trust him and his intentions. When it comes to a sexy guy, nothing scares parents more than that. So, girls usually keep the sexy guy romance a secret.

Cute guy grows on you, with sexy guy there is instant attraction
A cute guy will take his time to attract you towards him. However, a sexy guy knows all the tricks to woo a girl so the attraction is instant.  (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

Sexy more is more self-involved and into his looks
Sexy guys work hard to keep themselves in the right look. In most cases, they are self-involved and focused on their looks. In contracts, a cute guy is goofy and carefree.

Sexy guys are spontaneous, cute guys are laid back
If you are a girl who likes binge-watching television shows and staying in, then cute guys are the best choice. However, if you are an adventures soul then you will find a sexy boy’s spontaneous ideas attractive.

Cute guys let you take chare, with sexy guys it is power-struggle
Cute guys have no problem taking the backseat. A sexy guy will constantly challenge the power balance. (Also read: Why is it so difficult to date a daddy’s princess)

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