What happens when your friend and you fall for the same girl

What happens when your friend and you fall for the same girl

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It is perfectly natural to fall for somebody to have feelings for a girl. When you meet a girl, you notice her nature, her beauty and her way of carrying herself. Then, over the time you start developing feelings for her. However, sometimes your friend falls for the same girl as well. This is a very delicate situation as the attraction towards a girl is conflicted with the feeling of loyalty towards your friend. It often leads to crack in the bond of friendship. So, either you can decide to not let anyone between the friendship or the feelings towards the girl win over the friendship.  (Also read: How to know if it is love or just friendship)

Consider the risk
For men, friendship is a valuable treasure. However, if you and your friend like the same girl, it means you have to think if the girl is worth sacrificing the friendship. For this evaluate your feeling, if your friend really likes that girl. Besides this, if it is a fleeting attraction, then it is better to back off.

Talk to your friend
It might sound really hard, but it is important to address the issue. Otherwise, any step you take towards the girl will be like backstabbing your friends. So, be clear about your feelings towards the girl. (Also read: What are the signs that you are in a fake relationship)

Things that hurt the most are the things that weren’t said. So, make sure you pursue the girl if your feelings are too strong towards her. Don’t feel bad about following your heart. Therefore, tell the girl how you feel.

Let her decide
Ultimately it is the decision of the girl to pick either your friend or you. So, don’t let her decision come in between your friendship. Make sure you don’t use unfair means to win her heart as that will kill both the attraction and friendship.

Accept the decision
Whatever the girl decides, be it in your favour or against it, accept it. You can still preserve your friendship despite all. (Also read: How to end a toxic friendship right away)

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