What Happen When You And Your Best Friend Love The Same Person

Things That Happen When You And Your Best Friend Love The Same Person

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Love is unconditional and it is out of all the restrictions. You meet a person, develop a crush and then you fall in love. The same thing can happen to your best friend too. You may be having a crush on the same person whom your bestie also like. This is nothing like an unconventional situation. Many of us experience such things. So, neither you can blame yourself nor your best friend falling for the same person. But, you can resemble such incidents which happen if this type of situation comes up. (Also Read: 4 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Inner Circle)

When your best friend is loyal in the relationship:
There are many Bollywood movies which showed us that two best friends like the same person. But from one person the loyalty is missing and the lover is not happy and gradually falling for the other one. This is a normal situation. A relationship cannot be one-sided. Everyone needs a loyal and lovable partner. If your lover is not getting the loyalty then it can be possible that she/he fall for your best friend.

If your crush is giving the signal to both of you:
Maybe you both are trying to get attention from him/her. But the person is giving signals to both of you. Yes! This happens. You both are thinking that the person is maybe liking you both. That is why the seed of love start growing inside your hearts. (Also Read: What Are The Signs A Girl Shows When She Is In Love)

Things That Happen When You And Your Best Friend Love The Same Person
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Loves me or loves me not:
You may have a crush and you are asking your best friend to join on your first date. It may trigger a negative situation. Your crush may have different choice and he/she starts liking your best friend. It would be icing on the cake if your best friend too starts liking the same person you are having a crush on. Poor you!

Oh! The after breakup phase?
Just imagine, your bestie is in a relationship. Suddenly they broke up and you know that your best friend has a fault to lose this relationship. The twist is you also like the person whom she/he was in a relationship with. After break up, you start mingling with the person and gradually fall in love. If this is happening in your life too, do not forget to talk to your best friend about it before moving forward to take any step. (Also Read: Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner)

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