What are the worst excuses guys make while breaking up and what do they mean

What are the worst excuses guys make while breaking up and what they mean

Breakups are hard, there is no point denying that. It is really difficult to watch a relationship turn to dust. However, guys often have a hard time breaking up with a girl. This happens because guys often have a less firm grip on their emotions and feeling. So, even though they want to be kind while breaking up with a girl they simply use vague and unimaginative lines. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you break down the real truth behind the excuses that guys make. (Also read: Why stalking your ex on social media is a bad idea)

“You deserve better”

If a girl has a penny for every time she heard it, she will be a millionaire! This is an extremely cliched excuse to walk out of a relationship. This shows that a guy doesn’t wish to take responsibility for his issues and escape. It is an age-old way to emerge as the ‘good’ guy.

“It is not you, it is me”

Another cliched excuse guys make to call a relationship off. When you use this phase, it simply means that you are trying to get off from the relationship without giving the partner a chance to say anything.  (Also read: How to end a toxic friendship right away)

“I can’t commit right now”

No matter how difficult the situation is or how tough the time is if a guy really likes a girl he will make it work. Therefore, if a guy is making this excuse then it means he was never completely into you in the first place.

“I need to focus on your career right now”

A true relationship doesn’t hold anyone back from pursuing his dreams. However, if a guy uses this excuse, it means he doesn’t really see a future with you.

“I need space”

This is a very vague way of breaking up with someone. This excuse leaves many girls hanging as it doesn’t clearly say that the relationship is over. Therefore it is better to confront the guy if he is using this excuse. (Also read: What are the surprising things men find attractive in a woman)

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