What are the ways to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend

What are the ways to deal with your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend

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Are you in a happy relationship? Well, most of us have a past. Getting into a relationship with someone else may make our ‘ex’ jealous. He may try to interfere in our present and create troubles for us. Well, if you are a loving boyfriend and a caring one, then you must know the right trick to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Initiating a fight is easy but to settle a matter peacefully is a task. You don’t want to hurt your girlfriend and also do not want any rivalry with anyone. It is very difficult to move on in life, and if you are dating someone’s ex-girlfriend, the person will feel the pain. Though it will give you an ego-boost, you have to be cautious. Don’t intervene until it becomes absolutely necessary. (Also read: How to make an ideal choice between the two lovers)

Sometimes, relationships remain open-ended. There is no closure and your ex seeks a closure for the mental peace. A closure is necessary to end the bond and connection you have been sharing with someone. Thus, if your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is pursuing her to talk to him, let him have a closure but ask your girlfriend to keep you confirmed just to be sure of things.

What are the ways to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend?

Stay out of the matter: Your girlfriend’s ex or exes should make no difference to you. What is important for you is your present. So if he is trying to talk to your girlfriend, let him talk for once and sort out the matter. Maybe he is seeking a closure. But make sure, that talking does not cross limits. Also, don’t interfere until it’s very much necessary. If you are girlfriend is not comfortable in the conversation, then you can support her and ask the guy to leave.

Stay away from provoking: Your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is any way jealous of you, so stop provoking him for a fight. You must be very annoyed for his indulgence and efforts to come back but once you are sure of your relationship, you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t think about punching him or scare him for no reason. He is hurt maybe and can’t accept that his girlfriend is with someone else, so give him some time for acceptance. Besides that, his existence should not make any difference to you. (Also read: What are the signs that indicate you are ready to move in together)

Don’t walk away: Your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend might want to talk to both of you. If he comes to talk to you, then don’t walk away like a coward. Stay there with your girlfriend. If they both want to talk privately, your girlfriend will take him to the corner. But you don’t initiate that walking away. Standby the side of your girlfriend to make her feel secure.

Don’t pick a fight with him: You are not a short-tempered boyfriend. You know how to deal with the issues of people. So, show that chivalric side of yours. Talk calmly and handle the situation.

Be a good man: Don’t let your girlfriend think that she has done any wrong by choosing you. Don’t fight with her for stupid reasons. Try to improve yourself more and love your partner in a better way. Don’t let her past affect your relationship. You know the best thing about past is, it’s not the present and it has passed. (Also read: Why is eye contact essential in a relationship)

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