What are the warning signs that you should not make her your girlfriend

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What are the warning signs that you should not make her your girlfriend

To make a relationship work it is important to have a mutual understanding and affection. If you don’t have an understanding and binding with your partner, you won’t feel comfortable with your partner completely. Before you jump into a relationship, you must understand that any relationship is a commitment and devotion. So, you must think whether the girl you are with worth being your girlfriend or not. If you see some red flags or warning signs then she might not be the one for you. Many guys miss out these signs and take wrong decisions. So, let’s find out what are the signs that she shouldn’t be your girlfriend! (Also read: What lessons one can learn from Virat and Anushka’s love story)

Flirting around
If she keeps flirting around with people behind your back then it is not a good sign. That means she doesn’t care about your emotions and feelings. Over the time, this habit of her can cause strain in the relationship.

Expecting all your time and attention
Every guy desires to spend some alone time or time with his friends. However, if the girl doesn’t understand that and always demand all your time and attention then she is not mature enough for a relationship. (Also read: Why doesn’t the teenage love or school romance last for long)

Constant mood swings
Everyone wants a partner that is emotionally stable and mature. If the girl is always in a bad mood or has excessive mood swings then chances are it will turn into a problem in future. 

Lying is the worst thing you can do. It shows that you don’t care enough for the person to be honest and truthful towards them. It is a bad sign in any relationship.

Lack of patience
Every relationship takes time to grow and develop. For this, you need a lot of patience and poise. However, if you find that she is not willing to give you time, then ask yourself is it really a healthy way?

Always putting others first
Everyone likes the company of friends and family. However, that doesn’t mean she can always ditch you to put her friends first.(Also read: What are the signs that your partner is lying to you)

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