What are the various words one must never use for a woman

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What are the various words one must never use for a woman

Whether you love her or not, you must never hurt with mean words. Some words are actually disgraceful and really turns off a woman. Woman are very sensitive and get hurt easily. They take everything too much deeply and end up getting into despair. Every woman deserves respect and appreciation. Looks are too temporary, what stays is your internal beauty and your genuineness. No one has the right to judge a woman on the basis of her looks, colour, height, clothes etc. Woman are a complete and a perfect creation of God. Thus, one must be very careful while talking to a girl. No matter if you are not her friend, you still must respect her and avoid using such mean words. (Also read: Why does a woman bite her lips after seeing you)

What are the various words one must never use for a woman?

Idiot: One must never call a woman idiot or stupid. It might disappoint them a lot. This might make them feel that you are overconfident and too much arrogant in life. Try to avoid using such words for a woman.

Overacting: Every woman is different in different situations. A woman might be worried in certain situations and overreact. Thus, do not call them overacting or over actor. This might hurt their feelings. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is sleeping with someone else)

Baby and sweety: A respectful and an independent woman do not like such sugar-coated words, You might think this as a way of flirting. But on a serious note, a grown-up woman will hardly like any of these words. Instead of bringing you closer to that woman, it might take you far off from her.

Buzz killer/old fashioned: These two words are a complete ‘NO’ for a woman. This is actually a personal attack on a woman that suggests that you are downgrading her. She might not like what you like and that is completely okay. You don’t have to comment on each and everything she does and aims at doing.

Dark and fat: This is such a racist comment. Every woman is different in appearance, colour and body shape. You must not call them dark and fat even if you don’t actually mean it. There is no fun in this. This might make her offensive and she might block you permanently.

So, all you guys out there, always try to use your word with caution when you are trying to impress someone or in a relationship with someone. (Also read: How to control your feelings and stop yourself from loving a married man)

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