What are the various things that guys notice in girls on the very first date

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What are the various things that guys notice in girls on the very first date

You have to prepare a lot and make a lot of efforts in order to have a first perfect date. If it is your first date then you are concerned a lot about your attire, makeup, location and the overall presentation. Usually, women are more concerned to look perfect in whatever they get ready in. If you are well aware of what your dating partner is going to look for on the first date then it will be extremely easy for you to impress them. Guys and girls both have different perspectives in their minds when it comes to dating. Therefore, being a girl what you are targetting all your focus on, a guy might not be even thinking about the same. Let’s discuss what a guy notices in a girl on the first date. (Also read: How to make your Friends With Benefits relationship successful)

What are the various things that guys notice in girls on the very first date?

Your attire: A guy notices your outfit on the very first date. Wearing excessively exposing clothes might spoil the entire impression. Besides this, do not wear something too covered that might give the sense of insecurity. Thus, wear something you feel most comfortable and you look nice in.

Your little things: Your habits and actions are watched closely by the person you are on a date with. Your smile, the way you slide your hair back etc. are few things that are noticed by the guy on the first date. (Also read: How to ask a guy to hang out with you)

Your body odour: A good body odour is quite powerful in making someone long for you more. It immediately impresses the guy. If they are coming close to say something to you, then they are trying to smell your fragrance.

The way you talk: Always be cautious while you are on a date. Whatever you say and the way you react will give a hint to the guy about your mentality. Be a good listener and don’t be impatient. Your pitch, your tone and your delicacy all are being noticed while you are on a first date.

You are willing to pay the bill: Guys usually do not like their female partner to pay the bill, but they definitely notice whether you are willing to pay the bill or not. Initiate to pay the bill. If they deny, then do not force them or argue for the same. Let them pay the bill. (Also read: Why choose a partner who loves you more than you love them)

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