What are the various signs which show he wants to date you

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What are the various signs that show he wants to date you

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find out whether the person is asking you out for a date or he is just flirting with you. Getting attracted to someone after seeing them is a very first stage of life. Gradually when the relationship grows, it keeps you connected with your partner. However, there are certain things that bring you closer to each other. When you meet them, you feel happy about it. Thus, you will definitely want to date them. But the concern is whether he/she wants to date you or not. Do they just want to flirt with you or are they looking to take a step forward? There are certain signs which suggest that he wants to date you. (Also read: Reasons why it is okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day)

What are the various signs that show he wants to date you?

Keeps on calling and messaging you: If the guy keeps on calling you then he really wants you. This is one of the most obvious signs that he wants to date you and is looking forward for a serious relationship.

They want to know you better: No one wants to waste their time in knowing about your likes and dislikes. If someone is trying to know about you more then definitely they are planning a future with you. (Also read: How to flirt in the right manner with your crush)

Ready to help you: When you are tensed you often require someone’s help. If that person is always ready to help you out then they definitely have something in their mind. They will do anything to resolve your issues. They will do their best to wash off the tension from your face. It suggests that they want to take you out for a date.

Share their secrets with you: If the guy is only flirting with you, they will never share their secrets with you. So, if he is sharing his secrets with you then he is definitely looking forward to a future with you.

Express their interest: If they express their interest in you in front of everyone without any hesitation then their feelings are real. They do not hesitate or look down upon while accepting you in public. (Also read: What are the different ways to make your girlfriend happy on Valentine’s day)

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