What are the various secrets about men which women don’t know

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What are the various secrets about men which women don't know

We often believe that a man does not hold any secret and their life is easy. They often do not take anything in their mind and heart too seriously. However, this is a complete myth. Men hold secrets more than a woman does. They have a lot of struggles and expectations which they often hide from everyone. Besides this, men are not much vocal about the difficulties of their life. Men have a completely different way to deal with the troubles of their life. They often keep things to themselves and hardly make their life a public affair. Thus, it is important for you as their partner, to understand what your man is going through. If you have been dating for a long time now, you must be aware of certain facts about man’s secretive life. However, there are still some secrets which many of us are unaware of. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner holds jealousy and insecurity in the relationship)

What are the various secrets about men which women don’t know?

Dating for man is quite difficult:
While it is easy for a woman to seek attention, for men it is actually a task. Believe it or not, women know the tricks and tactic to woo anyone. However, for men to seek attention from women. It really takes a lot of guts for men to approach a girl, no matter how confident they try to show off.

Men are more prone to rejections than women: Believe it or not, men have a high risk of getting rejected in life than a woman. Women too face rejections but the risk of heartbreak is more in men. Besides this, moving on is actually difficult for men more than that of women. Women have multiple choices of men, however, men lose courage and take time to heal themselves. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting that you have got the perfect girlfriend)

Men gossip a lot: Gossiping is not only a girl’s affair. In fact, men enjoy gossiping as well. Even men talk a lot but this fact is often overshadowed by the gossips of girls.

Getting possessive about their looks: We often consider women extra cautious about their looks. However, men too are equally possessive about their looks and get up. Using makeup is not only a matter of girls but guys too. They also pamper themselves with expensive spa and body massages.

Men too feel jealous: People often associate girls with jealousy. However, the truth is, men too are equally jealous in the relationship. They can’t tolerate their lady love talking to their male friend. Men too get jealous if their girl likes someone else’s picture or appreciate some other guy friend’s in terms of looks. (Also read: Which zodiac signs are rated most faithful to the least faithful)

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