What Are The Types Of Men Every Women Should Avoid Dating

What Are The Different Types Of Men Every Women Should Avoid Falling For

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Every person has different characteristics than others. There is some inborn nature very man carries till the last breath of their life. Not every man is capable of carrying a relationship for a longer period of time. If we see this in different angles, we would like to say that women should avoid falling for few types of men who can never make the woman stay happy in the relationship. Its all about treating the queen special. It is nothing but the chivalry norms of men. But, how women would understand whom to avoid. Here we have come up with some types of men who are not worth dating. Hope this will be helpful for the women to find out their true love. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggesting An Unconditional Love Between Both Of You)

The daddy type:
Imagine you are dating a guy who treats you like his daughter. Whatever you do he has to say something. You always have to ask for his permission whenever you got to go somewhere or doing anything. You may be thinking, you already have your father to say NO to all your night outs, you don’t need another one, right? We know it’s irritating. Hence, if you think that the person you are dating has this characteristic, take a ‘U’ turn and go back.

Sugar coated fake man:
Handling this type of guy would be the trickiest. You would never get to understand what his actual motif is. He has a sugar-coated face value but inside he has a coal-made heart. He is the kind of guy who would let you meet you with his parents but when it’s just you and him alone, he is completely a different person. This is the time you should make your decision and escape from this relationship. (Also Read: What Are The Things Your Man Secretly Hopes You Tell Him)

What Are The Different Types Of Men Every Women Should Avoid Falling For

The possessive insecure guy:
I am sure many of you have an experience of dating a possessive guy. This type of guys is most insecure and tough to handle. Women generally feel suffocated with these types of guys. You can not make male friends, you can not hang around with them as he has the biggest insecurity with your activities. Moreover, your social media passwords are on his fingertip. So, you can imagine how clingy this type of guys can be. Say bye bye to him and move on ASAP.

The corporate slave:
Yes! He earns quite well but he has devoted all his time to the organisation. He has no personal life and for a relationship, these types of guys are a complete failure. After a date, there are chances that you may forget his face as he has no time to give you. You may get happy that your man earns so well, but money is not everything in life. In the initial stages, you may be able to sacrifices things but later on, you would understand that you both have nothing left to cherish the relationship. It is better to move on gradually from this relationship.

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