What Are The Things Your Man Secretly Hopes You Tell Him

What Are The Things Your Man Hopes You Tell Him

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A relationship gets stronger by showing love to each other. But, we do not know how a ritual has set in all the relationship that the male partner should approach his woman first and say all the lovey-dovey things. But a man also expects many things from his partner. Expressing your feelings to your man can make your relationship stronger and make your man happy. If your man loves you truly, then he is also eager to listen to these following thing from you. Want to know what are these? Have a look:
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I feel safe whenever I am with you:
Every man has to have the chivalry characteristics through which he protects his lady love and make her feel special. This makes a girl feel so damn safe when she is with him. So, tell your man the same way what you feel. This will definitely make him feel proud and your relationship will be stronger.

I trust you:
Trust is the main thing which bounds a relationship. The main base without which a relationship can not stands. So, if you tell you man often that you trust him, it gives him a boost to stay more loyal and make you feel good. A man has a lot of egos and their heart is quite fragile. Hence, saying him about this loyalty can give you more which you can not even think of. (Also Read: Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner)

You are the person whom I was looking for:
In a relationship, there should not be any insecurities. So, you should your man know that he is one who used to come in your dreams. Your love is successful to get him. No matter you hang around with other guys, your boyfriend is the one who captured your entire heart. Noone else can take the place. This will help him not to feel insecure in the relationship.

I love you the most:
It is obvious that you both love each other. But letting him know this can make him feel good and secured. All that he does to you is the simple reflection of your love. But. what does he get from you? Those three magical words are more than anything you do to him. Just let him know how much you love.

To make you happy I can go to any extent:
He knows that you love him. But what do you do to make him happy? Have you ever made food for him or arranged a dinner date? If you haven;t then do it know. This would make him understand that how special he is to you and you can do whatever to see a smile on his face. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Indicates That Your Wife Still Loves You Like Before)

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