What Are The Things You Should Be Selfish About In A Relationship

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What Are The Things You Should Be Selfish About In A Relationship

Who says you should not be selfish in a relationship? You always have to be selfish about your own feelings and your esteem. We are not talking about the moralistic selfishness, this article is all about keeping your actual self-intact and be in your own space within staying in a relationship. You can love anybody blindly, for this love you should not give up your esteem and self. There are many cases where people give up everything just for the sake of your relationship. Trust us, if you also do so, it will not make you happy in your future life. This can make you happy for the current time, but not the entire life. Hence, being selfish is not an issue if you can not give up these following things:(Also Read: What Are The Things Which Are Worse Than Cheating In a Relationship)

Your freedom:
Always remember, you are in a relation, not in a prison. Then why give up your freedom for the relationship? If your partner is trying to change you not letting you be what you are, then you must think about it. This is nothing but snatching your freedom. You have your own world and your happiness. Your partner should support you to live the life in your own way.

Your identity:
Your identity tells everything about you. Being selfish to lose your identity is nothing wrong. If your partner loves you, he/she should love you the way you are. If you are changing your identity and being what your partner wants is not love. You are making the person love you, and you are not being loved naturally. (Also Read: What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes Women Stay Away From Them)

Your dreams/career:
You may have a lot of dreams and you look forward to a bright career or future. But, if your partner is not letting you achieve the desired thing, you will be frustrated in your future life. So, being a little selfish about your career will not make any difference. You should live your own dreams and career. This can make your partner also stay happy for you.

Own happiness:
It is perfectly okay if you are craving for your happiness and not letting it go away. It is not always possible to sacrifice your happiness and be a puppet of your partner. Just imagine, if you are giving up your happiness, then how can your partner stay happy? This is not true love. You need to be selfish about your own happiness too. Then only you can make your partner stay happy. (Also Read: What Are The Sureshot Ways By Which You Can Win Your Girlfrind’s Heart)

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