What are the things that you should never say to your partner during a fight

What are the things you should never say to your partner during a fight

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Being in a relationship is a beautiful journey. There are many ups and downs in a relationship. There are moments when you are upset or angry with the way your partner is behaving. Maybe it is about a small issue like whose turn it is to wash the dishes or something big like forgetting your birthday. During these moments you feel like spilling all the loathsome words for your partner. However, when the fight is resolved you hateful words still linger in the mind of your partner. So, it is important to remember that there are certain things that you should never say to your partner during a fight. (Also read: When is the right time to say I love you for the first time)

Bringing up the past
The past is past for a reason. When you are having a disagreement and issue then it is better to sort it out staying present. When you constantly bring up the old arguments partner then it damages the foundation of the relationship.

Mentioning the ex
The moment you mention your ex you have already crossed a line in a relationship. It not only hurts your partner’s feelings, it also implies that you still think about your ex. No one likes to be compared, so don’t do that to your partner.

Poking their worst insecurity
Everyone has something they are embarrassed about like weight, height or accent. So, if you hit your partner’s weakest point, then you are digging your relationship’s grave yourself. It is a really low blow.  (Also read: What are the signs that your girlfriend is a wife material)

Threat to break up
This is a mistake that most people make. When you threaten to break up it simply shows that you will prefer to live without your partner than working things out.

Verbal abuse
This one is strict ‘no-no’ in a fight. Resorting to verbal abuse is not just disrespectful, it also ruins your bond with your partner. Verbal abuse is the lowest form of communication. So, don’t ever subject your partner to that.  (Also read: What are the sure signs of love at first sight)

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