What are the things that women keep secret from men

What are the things that women keep secret from men

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Everyone carries a deep secret in their hearts. There are many reasons for hiding the secrets. According to a survey, girls have a maximum number of secrets. No matter how close you both are, there are certain things that you are still unaware of. Sometimes people keep secret because they think that the other person might not understand them. While sometimes, there is an insecurity somewhere in the heart of a person, thus they opt for keeping secrets with each other. Usually, some people wait for the right time to reveal the deepest secret of their heart. And in most of the cases, it proves to be a good and wise decision. But guys are always curious to know the secrets of girls. And to help them out, here we are with few of the deepest secrets of girls!

A girl’s best friend knows everything: No matter how personal your things are, if your girlfriend has a best friend, then it’s no more a personal issue. Beware! Girls tell almost everything to their best friend. When you ask them not to tell anything to anyone, this automatically excludes their best friend. Shocking! But true!

A woman stalks her ex-boyfriend: You both might make the happiest couple. She might have forgotten all her worries and sorrows ever since you walked into her life but she still keeps a check on her ex. This is usually a habit of all the girls. They just can’t get over of their ex-boyfriend.

Girls secretly dislike your mom: Girls need undeterred attention. They can’t tolerate their guy to be possessive about any other person. It’s believed that guys are closer to their mothers in comparison to anyone else. Thus, they want to acquire that place. Also, mothers and girlfriends/wife share a love-hate relationship.

They hide their relationship score: Every girl wants to hide the number of guys she has ever dated. She never will truly tell you about the number of relationships she had been into. It is just completely against her will and likeness. Thus, this topic usually pisses them off. So try not to talk about this with them.

They like to get compliments: Girls like to get compliments from other guys. This is one thing that brings a smile on their faces. Every girl in this world likes to get acknowledged and appreciated. Therefore, even if a stranger compliments them, they rank themselves a level up! So, compliment your lady!

Girls dislike admitting their flaws or mistakes: No matter how well the girl is aware of her flaws or mistake, she will never accept it happily or encouragingly in front of others. They feel insulted in accepting their flaws and don’t want to get let down by others.

Girls secretly plan a future: A girl might not accept it in front of you. But she plans a future and thinks about it a lot. She worries about her future and security. She wants to get assured and secure. Thus, it even leads to some of the major fights between you two. They think that you might not understand the need of tagging a relationship, thus they don’t talk openly. Well, it’s okay to talk about the future sometime.

They want to be understood better: She knows you love her, but there is an expectation of always getting understood better. You might turn up the best partner of her life. But she wants you to know her better and accept her that way!

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