What are the things that can scare your man away

What are the things that can scare your man away

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Commitment to a relationship is a thing that most women look for. However, that doesn’t always work the way you want to. Most women think that if a man is not able to commit to them, it means he is a commitment phobic. This is far from the truth, sometimes it is about your own habits that drive a man away from you. A man likes to be with a woman who is her own person, not a co-dependent one. There are many mistakes that women make that push or scare the men away from committing to them. Let’s find out more about them. (Also read: What are the signs that a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you)

Baby like behaviour
Some women think that acting like an immature baby will give them their partner’s constant attention. The truth of the matter is, a man wants a woman who is his partner, someone who is equal to him and who can have a real discussion with him. So, the baby like behaviour might look adorable occasionally, in the long run, it fails.

Not having your own life
It is nice that you are really affectionate towards your partner, but not all the time. It is important to have your own interests and way of living. This way you will come across as a strong and independent woman, which is an admirable trait.  (Also read: Should you give your ex another chance)

Bad mouthing about other women
When you constantly put other women down, it shows that you are insecure about your own self. A strong woman is always supportive of other women instead of putting them down.

Drama queen
Nobody likes to stay around a drama queen. Even when you partner claims to admire your dramatic side, in reality, you are probably scaring your man away. When you are always making a big deal about non-existing issues it shows that you are immature.

Dominating nature
Dominating or bossy nature is something that can completely push away a partner. A relationship is about building a partnership, not dominance. Let your partner have an equal say in decision making and don’t snatch life out of him.  (Also read: How the friendship changes when you are in a relationship)

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