What are the things that are more intimate than physical attraction

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To make a relationship better it is not important to rely on physical contact only. There are plenty of other things that are useful to bring a couple closer. Trust, honesty and respect are the pillars of a relationship. Without them, your love life can never play out well. The physical contact can keep the spark alive in a relationship, but in a long run, only true affection lasts. So, if you must to share a better and more meaningful bond with your partner you need to connect to them in a real way. So, some things that help to do which are more intimate than sex. (Also read: Is it possible to love two people at the same time)

Feeling of trust
It is important to have trust in a relationship. It helps to enhance the intimacy and closeness. When you trust your partner completely only then you can surrender yourself to your partner emotionally as well as physically.

Together with each other best and worst times
It is easy to stay with your partner when things are fine and well. However, a couple that stays together even in the worst situation has a deeper sense of commitment and intimacy.  (Also read: Why men never want to be in relationship with a dominating girlfriend)

Surprising each other
Giving each other surprise also helps to enhance the intimacy in a relationship. It gives your relationship a new turn, especially when it is unexpected. Even a small surprise is really meaningful.

Going out on date

What are the things that are more intimate than physical attraction
When you are in a stable relationship, going out on a date is not something new. However, over time people forget about its importance. Going out on a date keeps the spark alive in a relationship.

Cooking together
Cooking can be a task of some of you. However, cooking with your partner can be a delightful experience. It shows that you are not just there for physical intimacy, but also for exchanging meaningful moments together.  (Also read: What are the signs that you are someone’s rebound option)

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