What are the things girls should not do to seek attention from guys

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What are the things girls should not do to seek attention from guys

We all love to get noticed and grab the attention especially from someone we have a crush on. But does that mean we should lose our individuality to make that other person like us? A big no would be an appropriate choice! Girls who just forget themselves and get swayed in making an effort to impress him are considered to be the dumbest of all. So all you girls out there, being witty is the new mantra of attractiveness.

Let’s have a look at what things we should not do to catch a guy’s attention:

Losing your own self: Well, everyone does this at some point or the other, We get so much influenced with our idea of having a crush on anyone that we forget our real selves. One just gets mad completely to get hold of his one look that sacrificing oneself is not a big deal for them.

Pretending things: Don’t pretend things if you have fallen for that person for real. Pretension will only weaken the roots of your relationship if at all it will be there. Be your own self, don’t just adopt things you don’t like for the sake of another person. It will only leave you into trouble.Don’t like things you hate for the sake of your crush. It isn’t a good practice. (Also read: Tips to make your love life and relationship stronger)

Don’t ditch your friends: Ditching your friends for the sake of that one person is the worst decision ever. Your friends will only last a lifetime, not a short-term crush. Ignoring them and paying attention to that crush, who doesn’t even consider you much enough is not a wise choice.

Don’t change your appearance: Undergoing a change for catching the attention of that one person is not something you should opt for. Be what you are and let them like the way you look. Changing your dressing sense and hairstyles would only lead to temporary attractiveness if at all and will leave you feeling uncomfortable. (Also read: Things you should keep in your mind before choosing the right girl for marriage)

Sacrificing your career: Influencing the most important career decision of your life for the sake of your crush would be the stupidest of any decision. Influencing your decision is only acceptable as far as they are for your own good, not out of your temporary crush feeling.

Don’t starve yourself: We all want to look perfect and shed those extra inches from your body. But it is not at all advisable to stay hungry and starve yourself. That person should love you internally, not by how you look.

Don’t get involved physically until ready: Don’t just go with the flow. Use your brain and then take a step forward. Don’t get weak in that weak moment as it is entirely your choice. This can’t be the basis of someone liking you. Be wise and think twice, if you aren’t ready you should feel free to deny. After all, you are the only owner of your body.

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