What Are The Things A Man Does On The First Date Which Suggest He Is A Gentleman

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What Are The Things A Man Does On The First Date Which Suggest He Is A Gentleman

The first date is always very special in every relationship. From your appearance to your communication skill everything is important here. This is the time when a man’s chivalry characteristics are judged by the woman. If you are a gentleman your instincts can make a woman feel good. But if you do not have these characteristics in you, it will be difficult to please a woman. Hence, have a look at the following and get to know what are the things prove you that you are a real woman. (Also Read: Things You Should Take Care Before Getting Into A Relationship)

Stand up and welcome her in a good gesture:
If you are waiting for her and sitting at the dinner table, after seeing her coming you should stand up and welcome her in a very friendly gesture. This shows a sense of respect for women. A welcome handshake or hug can be good too, but do not forget to stand and welcome her.

Do not make her wait for a long:
It is your first date. The first rule to impress a girl is not to be late. If you have reached the place before her you can prove yourself a gentleman, who is punctual and respects timing. She will even feel better by thinking that you took this meeting seriously and were waiting for her to come.  (Also Read: What Are The Things That Can Make You Feel Better After Being Dumped)

You really want to spend more time with her:
Every girl wants her man to spend time with her. You can initiate this at your first date. She should feel better to stay with you and definitely you want her to stay more with you. Show her how much you love her company.

Showing the menu card to her and ask her to choose:
If you show the menu card to her and ask her to choose anything, it seems great. This shows you want her to choose food and her opinion matters. This comes one of those chivalric characteristics which a man should have.

You insist her you are going to take care of the bill:
Every girl these days are independent and feel good to pay the bill. But you can prove yourself a true gentleman by insisting her that you are going to take care of the bill. She may want to split, but you have to manage it somehow. (Also Read: How To Become Favourite In Every Woman’s Life)

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