What are the things you should never say before a first kiss

What are the thing you should never say before a kiss

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Love is a beautiful emotion that can be expressed in multiple ways. One of the most amazing ways to express your love towards the other person is to kiss him or her. Most people describe it as the purest and most intimate way of showing your devotion towards your partner. However, few simple words can completely ruin this magical experience for both of you. It is important to be careful about your words right before you kiss your partner. A kiss is not just a kiss, it is a connection you feel towards your partner. Therefore, it is important to cherish this moment between the two of you to get closer to each other. For this, there are few things you must keep in mind so that you don’t mess up the magical moment.

Talk about smell and hygiene
Honestly, nothing can be more embarrassing for your partner than talking about the smell before kissing. Kissing about letting go off all the thoughts behind and becoming one with your loved one. When you mention something like this then it means you are concerned about the moment.

Mention your ex
If you bring your ex into the moment right before your kiss then you have completely ruined the moment. A kiss is supposed to be an emotion between the two of you. Mentioning your ex is like bringing a third person into the equation. Which is unhealthy for any relationship.

“We are just friends”
If a person is just a friend for you, then it is important that you keep it clear that you don’t see him or her in a romantic way. This way you can avoid leading them on and have a romantic moment with them. Keep your intention clear rather than playing with someone’s emotions.

“I am feeling sick”
If you are feeling unwell, inform your partner beforehand. This way he or she will take care of you and stay off the kissing experience. When you mention something like this before the kiss, then it turns into a buzzkill.

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